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We at DHOME Interiors believe that the key to a family’s health depends on the environment in which the food is prepared at their home. In this context, the kitchen’s design and hygiene are of prime importance. We are able to design the most sensible and convenient kitchen interior design solutions for our clients. Also, things like the placement of the hob, exhaust, ease of cooking and height of kitchen counters, keeping the kitchen free of fungus, insects, and pests, and storage cabinets are also key parameters that we consider while designing a kitchen.In terms of look and appearance, we pay a lot of attention to the colour themes and materials used. Laminate finish, accurly finish, lacquer glass, PU finish, and linear finish are some of the various material finishes that we use in our designs. Marine Plywood, Multi-Wood, MDF materials ensure that the cabinets and shelves ensure a long life is free from rust. Such hygienic and modern kitchens are made possible by DHOME Interiors. 

People spend a lot of memorable and relaxing moments in the bedroom. It is a place of rest and should provide the utmost comfort. We at D2R Interiors believe that the materials, design and space management should be of the highest quality. The need to have an interior design team that can incorporate all these features is of prime importance. Well-designed spaces for wardrobes, personal makeup spaces, comfortable beds, and storages tables are some of the many interior design furnishing solutions we provide our clients. In addition to this, we also specialize in ceiling lighting solutions for our customers with our experienced team of lighting technicians and designers.



The children are the heart and soul of the house. The need for space that maximizes their growth potential is important. As parents, our customers seek the best living space designs solutions for their children. We are able to design the study areas, wallpapers, lighting, storage, wardrobes, and beds to suit their growing needs. Our design solutions offer the best value for money for those looking to design a beautiful living space for their children.

Every guest who visits a house is received in the living room. It is a room that gives character to a house and its residents. It sets the tone for creating a good first impression. The arrangement of space in the living room is of importance rather than the size of the living room. In addition to this the furniture, the lighting, and the colours are of importance too. We at D2R Interiors have the best professional home and flat interior design team in Kerala on hand to handle your living room design requirements with regards to a host of different needs like TV Unit, sofa set, center table, lighting, display out and partitioning.



Another room which should define a clean and hygienic environment is the ding room. It is the room where you congregate to dine with family and friends. The dining set, crockery, shelves, and wash area must be aesthetically designed to maximize the space and hygiene requirements in addition to the comfort of dining. Matters like the distance of the dining area to the wash area, the choice of dining table and chairs, lighting, colours used are some of the important aspects we at D2R Interiors pay close attention when designing such a space. The result of such an exercise is a healthy and beautiful dining space.

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